“To talk to China, you have to dig …”

At our Work-Play session last Wednesday, we continued to work on the base of  our new antenna tower.  The metal triangular frame that will sit in the concrete and serve as the base of the tower was lowered into position.

The antenna base lowered and leveld in the hole, to check bottom clearance.

The antenna base lowered and leveled in the hole, to check bottom clearance. [photo: WA2JQZ]

We wanted to check that the bottom of the frame does not touch the bottom of the hole.  We found that all three bottom posts of the frame did in fact touch the clay floor.  And so we excavated a little more to provide clearance around those bottom posts.


John N4CNY taking a turn with the hard work of excavating. [Photo: N4MSN]

We want the metal frame to be completely contained in the concrete, when we pour it, so that no metal extends from the bottom. If metal does extend out, it will be in contact with the ground water, and that is a recipe for corrosion.  Dave KK4IKR, Don N4MSN, and John N4CNY took turns excavating. The dense red clay made the work a challenge.  Dave commented with a play on the common saying that to reach China you have to dig: “To talk to China, we have to dig!”

When finished excavating, we lowered the frame base back into position, to check that we had achieved the bottom clearance.  We precisely suspended the frame with three wood beams, and leveled with a bubble level.

After the tower base work, we met to discuss plans for the upcoming Field Day on June 27 & 28.  Rob KB5EZ is leading our Field Day operations.


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