2015 Field Day Update – Starts Saturday (tomorrow) June 27


Update for our 2015 Field Day:

Our Field Day plans are on track to proceed! 

Although, as of this writing at 4 PM Friday 6/26, we are forecast for rain tonight through tomorrow morning, the local weather is expected to become drier and cooler with the passage of a cold front by 1 PM CDT Saturday, the start of on-air operation.  The weather is expected to remain good through Sunday.

Dates: Saturday June 27 and Sunday June 28, 2015

Times: Set up 9 AM Saturday. On-air operations begin at 1 pm Saturday and end 1 pm Sunday.

Location:  NASA picnic grounds pavilion on Tiros Street, just east of Building 4755.  To get there from Rideout Rd. take Martin Rd. west, pass the red light at Gemini Ave and turn north on Tiros Street.

We plan to operate class 1A (single transmitter) using batteries charged by solar panels.  

The primary antenna will be a 102 ft. dipole fed by ladder line.

Phone (SSB) will be the primary mode but we may do some digital and CW as well.

There may be a cookout if sufficient folks show up.  Coffee will be provided for Sunday morning.  And we will have water.

Operations will be relaxed and just for fun so drop by to check it out or get on the air.  There are picnic tables but bring a chair if you want to sit a spell.  Bring some bug spray if you want to stay late.  Bring other comforts and something to eat if you wish.  

In case of forecast bad weather prior to start of the event, we may change our location to the club station on Centaur St. and operate class 1E or 1F.  

As for the latest space weather, HF propagation conditions degraded earlier this week but may improve.  With the many Field Day stations out there though, we should still have many contacts.

Come on out and enjoy the respite from the heat and geomagnetic storms.

ARRL Official Field Day website:   http://www.arrl.org/field-day

Posted by Gary WA2JQZ and Rob KB5EZ

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