An amazing thing happened at the club today!

I’ll start this post with the more mundane and work toward the amazing thing that I learned.  DO NOT skip to the end to read about it now.  Firstly, I found that Stephen (KK4IB) had dropped off the white board and winch lube.


Large white board for displaying awards.

So I was motivated to accomplish something myself.

Mounting Holes Drilled

Mounting Holes Drilled

Thrust Bearing installed

Thrust Bearing installed

The bolts attaching the thrust bearing could still be tightened a bit with the appropriate socket wrench.  I didn’t bear down on them with the crescent wrench I was using.  I hadn’t suffered a heat stroke, so I made use of the can of lubricant to grease the pulleys and gears on the tower and winch mechanism.

Before washing my hands and leaving I was taken aback by a miraculous happenstance.  Instead of getting a large burst of water quickly followed by a less than useable flow, the water fountain was working the way it is supposed to.  This was a repeatable process.  So, long story short, the water fountain is working properly (knock on wood).  Isn’t that amazing? We can cut back on our purchases of bottled water.  If I’m really feeling cocky after work I might even take a green pad and some comet to it.

Fully flowing water fountain

Fully flowing water fountain

Don, N4MSN

And today there was this.

Santa D. dropped off a cork board today.

Santa D. dropped off a cork board today.


One response to “An amazing thing happened at the club today!

  1. I’ve cleaned the basin. However the flow has gone back to being unusable. The water shut off valve has inadequate range of control. I’ve submitted a work order to have the shutoff valve washers replaced.


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