Special Work-Play session: OCF Antenna Work & Meteor Scatter

We decided to have a special Work-Play Session this week Wednesday August 12, 2015, starting at 4:30 pm, to do some hands-on antenna work.

We plan to readjust the length of our 160 meter Off-Center-Fed antenna, in order to tune it better for 160 meters.  We have been using it as a multi-band antenna.  But now we have dedicated dipoles for many of the other bands we use: the 17 & 20 meter inverted vee, 30 meter dipole, 40 meter dipole, 80 meter dipole.  The inverted vee tunes OK on 10, 12, and 15 meters.  And the 40 meter dipole can be used on 15 meters.  The 160 meter OCF has been used for most of those other bands.  But it does not tune well on the CW portion of 160 meters.  Retuning the OCF will give us back that CW portion.  Plus this is also an opportunity to give our less experienced members some hands on practice working with antennas.

Following the antenna work, Rob KB5EZ will demonstrate how to do meteor scatter QSOs with our station.  We will operate on 6 meters, using our 5 element 6 meter yagi beam antenna.

If you have access to the Arsenal, come join us.


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