National Wildlife Refuge Week Special Event, Sunday October 11, 2015 – Update


NN4SA will operate a special event station to celebrate National Wildlife Refuge Week.

Date: Sunday October 11, 2015
Start Time: 1400 UTC (0900 CDT). End Time: afternoon local (CDT).
Location: Easter Posey #2 Recreation Area, Shields Road, Redstone Arsenal / NASA MSFC.

Easter Posey Recreation Area #2 pavilion

Easter Posey Recreation Area #2 pavilion. [Photo: KB5EZ]

Parts of the NASA Marshall Space Flight Center and Redstone Arsenal are in the Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge. Our club station Bldg. 4622 is located just a few hundred feet from the wildlife area boundary. To keep close in spirit to this special event, we will operate as a portable station at the Easter Posey #2 Recreation Area. This is at the southwest corner of the Arsenal, by the Tennessee River, and also is by the wildlife area boundary. In case of rain, we will operate from our club station.

We will have a primary 100 W HF station active throughout the event. We may also operate a CW QRP 5 W HF station, to participate in the QRP-ARCI Fall QSO Party.

The National Wildlife Refuge Week event continues through the next Saturday.  However at this time we plan to just operate on Sunday October 11.

The Wheeler Refuge was established in 1938 by President Franklin D. Roosevelt as a haven and breeding sanctuary for migratory birds and other wildlife. It is 35,000 acres of mixed habitat, located along the Tennessee River in north Alabama.

Wheeler NWR map with NN4SA

Map of the Wheeler NWR, with the locations of our field operation site for the Special Event, and the location of our fixed station at Bldg. 4622.

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