Photos from the Antenna Raising

A photo album of photos I took last week Wednesday (October 7).  We attached the new HyGain TH-11-DX beam antenna to its mast on the tower, and completed assembling the last antenna segment.

DSCN7980 DSCN7982 DSCN7983 DSCN7984 DSCN7985 DSCN7986 DSCN7987 DSCN7988 DSCN7989 DSCN7990 DSCN7992 DSCN7993 DSCN7994 DSCN7995 DSCN7996 DSCN7997 DSCN7998 DSCN7999 DSCN8000 DSCN8001 DSCN8002

With much care and attention to safety, we then raised the tower and secured it.  The tower telescoped-in is about 21 feet tall.  When raised the antenna reaches to a height of about 60 feet.

DSCN8003 DSCN8004 DSCN8005 DSCN8006 DSCN8007 DSCN8008 DSCN8009 DSCN8010 DSCN8011

We were Don N4MSN, Rob KB5EZ, David KK4IKR, Michael KG4OZK, Alan WB5RMG, Matt KA0S, and Gary WA2JQZ.


One response to “Photos from the Antenna Raising

  1. The tower is 54′ when extended. The antenna is up another 6′ on the mast. Total antenna height is 60′, the mast is 2′ taller.


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