Apollo XV (15) – 45th Anniversary

Start Date/Time 2016-07-30 07:00:00 Central time, U.S.A.
End Date/Time 2016-08-02 23:59:00 Central time, U.S.A.
Club/Organization Sponsor Marshall Space Flight Center ARC, Huntsville, AL.
Call Sign NN4SA
Self spotting on the DX cluster
Stations contacted may request QSL  by;

Sending an S.A.S.E. to
c/o Donald Hediger, ES35
Huntsville, AL
Public contact email msfc-NN4SA@mail.nasa.gov

A NASA written account of deployment of the first lunar rover.  NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama was responsible for development of the Lunar Roving Vehicle  (Lunar Rover).

We ended up with 1010 entries in our logbook for this event. During which I encountered one man who worked on every heat-shield put on the bottom of the Apollo Command Modules and another who’d worked, during that time, at Grumman where the Lunar Module was built.

Apollo XV Lunar Roving Vehicle (LRV)

6 responses to “Apollo XV (15) – 45th Anniversary

  1. Had a great time operating this evening with my wife logging for me. Venezuela, Puerto Rica, Alaska, Columbia, the Netherlands, Italy, and several Canadians. There are two days left and we need operators to be on the receiving end. It wasn’t nearly as hectic as the Apollo 11 special event.


  2. What DX Cluster are you posting to. I’ve been looking for two days and haven’t seen you and there’s only one day left. Please let me know of some sort of time and frequencies you might be operating on. WD4GSM


  3. At the end of operations we had logged 1010 contacts. Most on 20 meters SSB. Stay tuned for next year’s 45th anniversary of Apollo XVI in April.


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