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Plenty of room for new members


We’ve turned in some of the “junk” excess that was littering the club.



HF Amplifier Progress

HF with AMP.jpg

The HF Amplifier beside the Yaesu FT-950.

The power switch is located on the West wall.  The box (actually a pill bottle) to control TX switching of the amplifier has been built to link it to the Yaesu transmitter.



Photos from the Antenna Raising

This gallery contains 30 photos.

A photo album of photos I took last week Wednesday (October 7).  We attached the new HyGain TH-11-DX beam antenna to its mast on the tower, and completed assembling the last antenna segment. With much care and attention to safety, … Continue reading

Antenna put to the test.

Finishing Touches

Finishing Touches

Connecting the ground rods.


Hard Labor

Rob taking his turn cranking up the tower.


Rotor Controller in place

Rob installed the PL259 and we made the connection to the rig.

Next we checked the tower manual to see what limits the tower travel.  There was no mention of cranking up the tower other than what to do if travel binds up.


The Old and the New

Just imagine what field day would be like if the antenna on the old 90′ tower was functional.

September antenna work continues

For our work-play session on September 16th, we assembled the antenna elements of the TH-DX-11.  We were visited by KS4UA, who took the photos.


Matt KA0S applied a paste on parts of the antenna rod elements where they were to be inserted and clamped inside an adjacent rod. Gary WA2JQZ then connected the rods to the correct dimensions and clamped them. [Photo by KS4UA.]


Don N4MSN (left) and Rob KB5EZ (right) checking dimensions in the antenna manual. [Photo by KS4UA.]

During lunch on September 28, Don N4MSN met up with Stephen Duncheskie KK4IBB and his post driver at at the club.  Within minutes they finished installing two ground rods adjacent to the tower.  They are hard to identify in the pictures so Don circled them.  [Photos by Don N4MSN]


Stephen KK4IBB using his fence post driver to drive two ground rods for the new antenna tower by the base. [Photo by N4MSN]


The ground rod locations, indicated by the red circles.  [Photo by N4MSN]

Lunchtime progress, 9/22/2015



This Beast is Screaming


Tower Update

Cable standoffs installed

Cable standoffs installed

John Morgan had a constructive lunchtime.  We have identified a mast suitable for the antenna that Rob is working toward obtaining.  It won’t blow our budget, but both will need approval at our meeting on August 6th.