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QSLs from Nat’l Wildlife Refuge Week

We received two QSL cards in the mail from when we ran our special event station for National Wildlife Refuge Week.  We operated our special event on October 11, in the field by the Tennessee River, to celebrate the Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge.  Part of the Refuge extents in to the Arsenal and the NASA Marshall Center.

KA5VZG in Tennessee, in particular, wrote to thank us for activating Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge.  He showed us on his card that he is a retired US Fish & Wildlife Service Refuge Manager.

Our other card came from N1INI in Uxbridge, Massachusetts.  His card shows a photo of the Cape Naddick Lighthouse in Maine.


Here are some more QSL cards we received for the special event, through eQSL.  N1INI sent us a different photo in this set.

N1INI 20151011 NN4SA 20m SSB NWR MA

N1DRS 20151011 NN4SA 20m SSB NWR MA WM0L 20151011 NN4SA 20m SSB NWR NE KF5KJN 20151011 NN4SA 40m SSB NWR LA

CQ World Wide DX SSB Contest 2015

Bldg 4622 on Saturday afternoon October 24, during CQ World Wide DX SSB Contest.

Bldg 4622 on Saturday afternoon October 24, during the 2015 CQ World Wide DX SSB Contest. The HyGain TH-11-DX antenna at left is in use, pointing towards South America.

We participated in the CQ World Wide DX SSB Contest last weekend from the station.  I (WA2JQZ) came at the start on Friday evening (Oct. 24 00:00 UTC) and operated a few hours on 15, 20, and 40 meters.  15 meters was wide open to the Pacific in the early evening.  I heard DU7JAY in the Philippines and AH0K in the Mariana Islands.  But the propagation shifted before I had a chance to reach them.  I did work many Japanese stations.  Then I shifted to 20 and 40 meters, and worked stations in Europe and Latin America.  I heard a station each in Kuwait and Bahrain, but the wait seemed long and I moved on.  I spent time to get a few QSOs on 40 meters, as I figured we would not be able to use the lower frequency bands on Saturday during the day.  On 15 and 20 meters I used our new HyGain TH-11-DX directional antenna.  For 40 meters I used our 40 meter dipole.

Rob KB5EZ came at noon on Saturday and operated a couple of hours on 10 and 15 meters, also using the TH-11-DX.  For the first hour and a half, he pointed the antenna towards Europe, working Europe, Canada, and some of Africa including D4Z in Cape Verde.  He kept hearing South American stations on the side, and so for the next half hour turned the antenna towards them and worked them.

Rob KB5EZ working the 2015 CQ WW DX SSB Contest.

Rob KB5EZ working the 2015 CQ WW DX SSB Contest.



Matt KA0S and I came around 2 pm.  We took turns working more of 10, 15, and 20 meters.  During the afternoon, 10 meters was open just to Latin America and Canada.  15  also gave us Europe, plus KL7RA in Alaska.  And 20 meters gave us more of Europe too.  We heard several French island special event stations, but offhand didn’t know exactly where they were, except for their CQ Zone information.  Matt was able to look up a couple on his smartphone: TO4K was on St Barthelemy Island in the Caribbean (southeast of St. Martin), TO2M was in Martinique. Matt worked some countries that we usually only hear during contests: Luxemburg LX7I , Morocco: CN2AA CN2R CN3A, Barbados 8P5A, and Peru OA4SS.

Matt KA0S

Matt KA0S

I came back to the mike later in the evening.  10 meters opened to the Pacific: I worked many Japanese stations with some Australian and Canadian stations.  And on 10 meters I finally worked AH0K.  Then I switched to 15 meters.  I no longer heard western Europe. But I did work again many stations in Japan, plus more in Australia, in Hawaii, four in New Zealand, a few in Asiatic Russia, and one in Kazakhstan UP2L. And I worked AH0K again, AH2R in Guam, and after a lot of patience, V73D, a German DXpedition in the Marshall Islands.  I finished by getting a few QSOs on 80 meters as that band started to open to DX.  Then I was ready to go home.

By the end we worked 297 international stations, located in 55 countries and territories.  We earned over 200 multipliers, and claimed a score of about 168,000, in the “Multi-Operator, Single Transmitter, Low Power” category.  I believe we all had fun.  The new beam antenna was definitely an asset.  I think it made a difference in reaching some stati0ns, including to Latin American, the Pacific, and Asiatic Russia.

73, Gary WA2JQZ

New DXCC entities confirmed from this contest:

  • AH0K Mariana Islands
  • GI6K Northern Ireland
  • TO1E Saint Martin
  • TO4K Saint Barthelemy

Some of the eQSLs we received so far:

VA7BEC 20151024 NN4SA 10m SSB CQWW BC Canada VE3UTT 20151024 NN4SA 10m SSB CQWW ON Canada VE7JH 20151024 NN4SA 10m SSB CQWW BC Canada VK4KW 20151025 NN4SA 15m SSB CQWW Australia YW4D 20151024 NN4SA 20m SSB CQWW Venezuela CX9AU 20151024 NN4SA 15m SSB CQWW Uruguay EC7WR 20151024 NN4SA 15m SSB CQWW Spain JA1CTB 20151025 NN4SA 15m SSB CQWW Japan KH6Y 20151025 NN4SA 15m SSB CQWW Hawaii KP4BD 20151025 NN4SA 20m SSB CQWW PR LT7F 20151024 NN4SA 10m SSB CQWW Argentina OO7P 20151024 NN4SA 20m SSB CQWW Belgium SK2T 20151024 NN4SA 15m SSB CQWW Sweden EA3CCN 20151024 NN4SA 10m SSB CQWW Spain IR4M 20151024 NN4SA 15m SSB CQWW Italy D4Z CQWW Cape Verde

National Wildlife Refuge Week Special Event, Sunday October 11, 2015 – Update


NN4SA will operate a special event station to celebrate National Wildlife Refuge Week.

Date: Sunday October 11, 2015
Start Time: 1400 UTC (0900 CDT). End Time: afternoon local (CDT).
Location: Easter Posey #2 Recreation Area, Shields Road, Redstone Arsenal / NASA MSFC.

Easter Posey Recreation Area #2 pavilion

Easter Posey Recreation Area #2 pavilion. [Photo: KB5EZ]

Parts of the NASA Marshall Space Flight Center and Redstone Arsenal are in the Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge. Our club station Bldg. 4622 is located just a few hundred feet from the wildlife area boundary. To keep close in spirit to this special event, we will operate as a portable station at the Easter Posey #2 Recreation Area. This is at the southwest corner of the Arsenal, by the Tennessee River, and also is by the wildlife area boundary. In case of rain, we will operate from our club station.

We will have a primary 100 W HF station active throughout the event. We may also operate a CW QRP 5 W HF station, to participate in the QRP-ARCI Fall QSO Party.

The National Wildlife Refuge Week event continues through the next Saturday.  However at this time we plan to just operate on Sunday October 11.

The Wheeler Refuge was established in 1938 by President Franklin D. Roosevelt as a haven and breeding sanctuary for migratory birds and other wildlife. It is 35,000 acres of mixed habitat, located along the Tennessee River in north Alabama.

Wheeler NWR map with NN4SA

Map of the Wheeler NWR, with the locations of our field operation site for the Special Event, and the location of our fixed station at Bldg. 4622.

IARU-HF Championship Contest 2015


Matt KA0S operating 20 meter phone for the 2015 IARU-HF contest.

Our club took part in the International Amateur Radio Union – High Frequency Championship (IARU-HF) contest last month.  It was a weekend event, but we operated just on Saturday July 11, 2015, during the day.  Participating were Rob KB5EZ, Malcolm K4MLP, Matt KA0S, and Gary WA2JQZ.  The several of us operating enabled us to submit as a Multi-Operator, Low Power, Fixed station. We made 124 contacts.  Most were in Europe, and North & South America. We operated on SSB and CW, on 20 and 15 meters.  A DX entity we worked for the first time was the Finnish Island called Aland Island, with OH0X.

IARU-HF 2014 Award

Meanwhile also, we just received an award from operating the 2014 IARU-HF contest last year.  We achieved 75 multipliers, which enabled us to win an Operating Achievement Award for the Alabama Section.


The tower base is “clean” and waiting.

It was a beautiful day at lunchtime when the clouds were shading the area and a breeze was blowing.  Unfortunately, little of either happened during removal of the concrete’s frame or supporting 2 x 4’s during lunchtime today.  The base is ready to have the tower attached at the pivot points during this afternoon’s “play session”.IMG_20150715_130844493

In addition we could build the gin pole inside and take benefit of the air conditioned climate.

Gin Pole